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I believe movement can heal. It can also make us feel, more vital, and well. 

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“Jennifer created a completely safe environment where I felt free to explore my personal movement and emotions. She was nurturing and a great source of guidance and support.” - Jessica

“Jennifer provides a safe environment where feelings I never knew I had are allowed to surface. I trust that she is there to guide and support me.” - Courtney

“Jennifer got me to connect with myself, find creativity and strength I didn’t know I had. If you get a chance to be in her presence, GRAB IT!” - Ta-Shana

"You guide me to take such good care of myself and make it ok for me to be in the moment. I feel more relaxed and grounded, connected and comfortable after working with you.” - Karla

“I really got in touch with my body on a spiritual level.” - Daynese


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