Hi, I'm Jennifer!

The                     Black Girl™


I use                      to help women 
heal from the inside out.


Something isn't quite right about the way we view mental health. 

We've fallen for the idea that mental illnesses, like depression, happen just because of an imbalance in neurotransmitters. That we can take a pill and talk through our problems and be healed. 

But we're missing a HUGE part of the equation — our bodies! 

If you've lived with depression for many years, you know that it it doesn't just affect your brain. 

Sure, you may have trouble concentrating and recalling information, but you'll also experience bodily symptoms, like fatigue; changes in sleep and appetite;  and digestive issues

And while I fully believe that some people need medication (I've taken it myself), I also know that:

Healing doesn't happen by addressing one body part or one vital organ alone.

There is no right way to heal, but I believe that addressing depression in a holistic manner is the most effective route to healing. Holistic (meaning WHOLE PERSON) and body centered (BODYFUL) — food, movement, supplements and medication (when needed), and therapy.

I regularly see my own therapist (lots of therapists do!). I also live with depression and have studied the body in various forms over the past 15 years. I would love to support you understanding and managing your depression.

Here are my academic credentials:  

M.S. Dance/Movement Psychotherapy
M.S. Holistic Nutrition
Somatic Experiencing Certified
EMDR Certified
Diploma in Pastry Arts 
B.A Liberal Arts 

And my licensure:

Registered as a Dance/Movement Psychotherapist through the American Dance Therapy Association with a license in New York State as a Creative Arts Therapist.

You see, mental illness isn't just a brain problem.

Everything in the body is interconnected. 

If you feel a whole-person, bodyful approach could benefit you in your healing,
let's work together!

“Jennifer created a completely safe environment where I felt free to explore my personal movement and emotions. She was nurturing and a great source of guidance and support.” - Jessica

“Jennifer provides a safe environment where feelings I never knew I had are allowed to surface. I trust that she is there to guide and support me.” - Courtney

“Jennifer got me to connect with myself, find creativity and strength I didn’t know I had. If you get a chance to be in her presence, GRAB IT!” - Ta-Shana

"You guide me to take such good care of myself and make it ok for me to be in the moment. I feel more relaxed and grounded, connected and comfortable after working with you.” - Karla

“I really got in touch with my body on a spiritual level.” - Daynese




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