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What The Heck Does Bodyful Mean?

What the Heck Does Bodyful Mean?
Episode 1 / Season 1

Bodyful is a word that has long been associated with hair — that fresh from beauty salon hair that has a bit more bounce and shine than when you do it yourself!

I don’t believe it needs to be reserved for hair, however, and neither does fellow dance/movement psychotherapist Christine Caldwell whose work inspired the name of this podcast and the creation of Bodyful Healing ™.

So if it’s not related to hair, what is it referencing?

The body!

In this podcast, I discuss:

  • Me! Who I am and a little about my work as a dance/movement psychotherapist and holistic nutritionist.
  • What bodyful means and why I chose to use it in the name the podcast?
  • A few basic principles of dance/movement psychotherapy

Resources Mentioned:
Bodyfulness by Christine Caldwell