dance/movement therapy, bodyful black girl

What is Dance/Movement Psychotherapy and How Does it Work?

Season 1 / Episode 2

Dance/Movement Psychotherapy isn’t a well known form of psychotherapy, but it is the primary way in which Bodyful Healing ™ supports black women living with depression.

So what is dance/movement psychotherapy exactly?

I break it down in this episode and discuss:

  • What dance/movement psychotherapy is.
  • The psychological theories she incorporates into her practice and work with clients and patients. 
  • The difference between dance/movement psychotherapy and a dance class. 
  • What you might experience in a dance/movement psychotherapy session.

Resources mentioned:

  • The American Dance Therapy Association – the governing body for dance/movement psychotherapists. You can also use their directory to find a dance/movement psychotherapist in your area.
  • Heal In Color, a growing directory of holistic health practitioners of color. A space for healers of color to list themselves as well as a space for people of color who may be seeking a healer of color to find one in their healing modality of choice.