The Seven Year Itch

The Seven Year Itch

I became a health coach seven years ago.

In the beginning coaching was a side hustle – something I did while operating the allergen-free bakery I owned. Since then, I’ve earned a master’s degree in Holistic Nutrition and coaching is my full-time gig – it has been for the last 4 years, thanks to a dear friend who encouraged me to take the leap!

In the last 7 years, I’ve coached 1,428 women, and aside from being a mom, it has been one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life. I’ve had hundreds of women come to me feeling crazy and out of control around food, and leave me saying things like:

“I feel so connected to my body…”

“Food no longer rules my life.”

“I’ve given myself permission to feel my feelings, instead of eat over them…”

And my favorite“I realized that dieting isn’t the answer, permission and pleasure are.”

That beautiful statement was made by a client, Melissa, who I coached for 6 months. I beamed like a proud mama when she uttered those words, and I have to say, I feel the same joy and pride with each transformation.

But, my friends, things have shifted a bit for me in the past year.

In September, I went back to school to earn a degree in psychotherapy and while I love nutrition, I feel like my voice Is needed elsewhere. So, I’ll be transitioning away from nutrition coaching as I’ve done it for the past 7 years in September, and focusing more on mental health in marginalized communities.

Let’s be real though…food will still be a part of the conversation. It is, after all, my first love.

  If you want to work with me to heal your relationship with food and eating, now is the time!

I’ve created a coaching program that allows for more flexibility and I’ll be taking new clients until August 31st. After August 31st, I’ll be moving on to the next phase of my journey.

Interested? Click here!

Have an amazing summer and feel free to keep in touch. I love hearing from you!

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For years I struggled with how food owned my life, and then I took control not just of my plate, but my passion. With a background in body movement, dance, and once-upon-a-time bakery owner, I now help women create mindful lives.

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