It’s Never Just About the Food

It’s Never Just About the Food

“I just want someone to tell me what to eat…”

Ever have that thought?

It sounds easy enough right – a nutrition expert tells you when, what, and how much to eat and all your food and eating issues are solved, or at least are a little easier to handle because you know what to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat.

It sounds simple and easy, and there are plenty of health and wellness folks that will tell you exactly what to eat when, but it doesn’t help you to cultivate a healthy relationship with food. In many cases, it makes you feel more crazy and out of control around food than you did prior to having someone tell you what to eat.

When someone tells you what to eat, they are in control. You no longer have agency over your body or what you put in it. Giving someone else control disconnects you from your body and tells your wise and highly intuitive body that she doesn’t know what’s best for you.

It also reinforces the notion that you can’t trust yourself.

Trust is central to every relationship you have in life – family, friends…and your body. Without trust, it’s hard to have a peaceful relationship with other people, and even harder to have a peaceful relationship with yourself.

Think about it – If the sole reason behind your food and eating issues was not knowing how much of a particular food to eat, you would have Googled your way out of your food and eating issues.

All the information we need on food portions, calorie counts, and traditional dieting is at our finger tips. Yet, despite having access to so much information, we’re more confused than ever, which is why it’s easy to think that having someone tell you exactly what to eat would make things simpler.

It's Never Just About the Food -

But if there’s one thing I know for sure after coaching more than 200 women over the past 7+ years, it’s this:

The answer to your food and eating issues isn’t in a meal plan or a calorie counting app, and you won’t find it until you stop looking outside of yourself and look within.

Sounds hokey, I know…

But knowing what’s going on internally whether it be a medical issue, an emotional issue or an issue with body image, is the only way to stop feeling crazy around food. Once you know what’s going on inside, you can seek out a solution to your specific problem, instead of relying on “one size fits all advice.”

I’ll admit, it takes a little more effort and time to do things this way, but you know what they say: “Health is a marathon, not a sprint.” Click To Tweet



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