If Not Dieting, then what?

If Not Dieting, then what?

There are many reasons why our relationships with food and our bodies isn’t as peaceful as we’d like it to be, I touched on one of these reasons last week.

Often it seems like dieting is the answer because you want to feel comfortable in your body, and the last time you felt comfortable in your body, you weighed less than you do today.

The logical solution then, is to try your darndest to get back to the weight you were when you felt good in your skin – when your clothes fit the way you wanted them to, you could walk into a store and find clothes you liked in your size, when you felt comfortable wearing a bathing suit or a pair of shorts….

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And I get it, but before you go on another 30-day cleanse or 10-day detox, consider this:

Intuitive Eating.

It’s not a diet and you may or may not lose weight when you try it, but what it will do is help you begin the process of listening to your body for guidance when you make food and eating decisions, rather than rigidly depending on self-imposed food rules or a wellness guru to tell you what to eat.

Intuitive eating helps you get back in touch with your biological instincts after years of dieting and/or deprivation.

And while it isn’t the end-all solution to your food and body issues, it is a good first step if you want to begin to connect with your body and her biological cues after years of dieting and external solutions.

What intuitive eating doesn’t do, however, is address the thought patterns and belief systems you have around food and eating – the second part of the healing process.

I encourage you to step off the dieting train and try something different – let go of dieting mentality and instead, learn to listen to and understand the needs of your unique body.

You might discover that feeding your hungers (at the table and away from it) is a better solution than making yourself smaller.



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