Fresh Start

If you want to have a peaceful relationship with food, you have to learn HOW to eat.

…and that starts with learning to listen to and trust your body.                     

Introducing, Fresh Start -


What We’ll Cover: 

Understanding Your Eating Habits

We’ll dig into your relationship with food and eating, uncover the patterns and habits that are no longer serving you and create a plan to help you change them.

Decoding Your Cravings

Learn the meanings behind your food cravings and how to honor them in a way that works for your body.

Tuning in to your body: How and Why

Discover the importance of listening to your body so you have a better understanding of when, what, and how much to eat.

How to Eat

Learn to eat in a way that makes you feel nourished and well. No deprivation, restriction, or food rules here!

How this Works:

4 In-Person Group Coaching Sessions: 
We’ll connect every week for 4-weeks to deep dive into your relationship with food and create a plan to help you create change.

  • Meeting Dates: June 7th, 14th, 21st, and 28th 
  • We meet for 90 minutes each week, from 6:30 – 8pm at Moving Body Resources (112 W 27th St – between 6th & 7th Ave) in Manhattan, New York. 

Session Recordings:

You’ll get an mp3 recording of each session for your listening pleasure (audio only). They can be downloaded and are yours to keep, even after the program is over.


  • Got a question or concern in between sessions? Shoot me an email and I’ll help you get things sorted out.
  • You will also have access to a private Facebook Group for ongoing support and coaching outside of the program.

Fresh start Handbook:

Once the program is over you’ll receive a digital handbook (pdf) of everything we’ve covered during the program – recordings, journal exercises, etc. – for you to reference anytime you need to.

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Space is limited to 12 women. 



Click the button above – once you pay, you’ll receive a nice warm welcome (via email) + immediate access to our private
Facebook group. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is this different from every other diet program? 

Good question! The biggest difference – it’s not a diet program. 

Fresh Start addresses food, but not in the way that most food and eating programs do. This is a scale-free and weight neutral space – deprivation, restriction and calorie counting is not encouraged. Instead, we focus on permission and body kindness. You’ll get to the bottom of what’s causing you to turn to food for comfort, discover how to work through the difficult emotions that make you want to reach for food and help you release the shame around having a body that right now seems like your enemy.

2. Will this program help me lose weight?

Maybe, but Fresh Start is not a weight loss program so if the only reason you’re interested in this program is to lose weight this is not the program for you.

Fresh Start is for women who have begun to understand that happiness is not dependent upon the number on the scale; women who are ready embrace their beauty with the understanding that healthy bodies come in many different shapes and sizes.

3. Can I get a refund if I don’t like the program?

Refund requests will not be honored after the first session, and no refunds will be issued for missed sessions. However, if you miss a session, you will have access to the audio recording and any materials used.

To reserve your spot, click the payment button below.
Space is limited to 12 women. 

Peaceful eating is only a click away, are you ready? 



Click the button above – once you pay, you’ll receive a nice warm welcome (via email) + immediate access to our private
Facebook group. 

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Uncover the Physical and Emotional Meanings Behind the Most Common Food Cravings

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For years I struggled with how food owned my life, and then I took control not just of my plate, but my passion. With a background in body movement, dance, and once-upon-a-time bakery owner, I now help women create mindful lives.

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